Why People Love The New Disney+ Mandalorian Series

The short answer is just two words, Baby Yoda. The series main two characters are The Mandalorian and what the internet is calling Baby Yoda.

Before The Mandalorian was released all we saw of Yoda’s species was older characters. So to make a Baby Yoda was perfect! It makes the character so cute, because a baby of any species is cute. So the audience falls in love. It also makes you ask a lot of questions. Where are it’s parents? How was he found?  Why was he with a team of mercenaries? What were they planning to do with his extracted force? Is he related to Yoda? And so on…

The reason these two are so entertaining to watch every week is their mysterious nature and the fact that they are wanted and on the run with large bounties on their heads. They also have a special and fascinating chemistry that make it almost cute.

This is the true definition of a galactic power couple. The series has quickly become one of the most popular shows at this time and has really brought non Star Wars fans into the universe and enjoying it.

The creators of The Mandalorian did a great job keeping the main characters as mysterious as possible while still giving the audience enough information about them to create a compelling story.

However, the best thing to come out of The Mandalorian and the release of Baby Yoda are the gifs, memes and videos created about him. The first video below explains all that we know about Baby Yoda so far. The rest of the videos are our top favorite videos from fans. “This is the way”


All We Know About Baby Yoda So Far



1) Baby Yoda In Jurassic Park



2) Baby Yoda Accidentally Blows Up A Planet



3) Baby Yoda Song



4) Baby Yoda Wants To Plays Bohemian Rhapsody